April 2012

Topics: Events

Monetate Engineers at Node.Philly

Frontend engineer Mike Hand and I attended the inaugural Node.Philly meetup last night at the University City Science Center, presented as part of Philly Tech Week. It was a great event at an impressive venue.…

Topics: Code

Video: Codeswarm of Monetate’s First 15,000 Commits

Codeswarm is an organic software visualization of project repositories. Below is a version I created for Monetate’s code, which starts from the first commit and goes to the point when we reached 15,000 commits. Each dot represents an individual commit, and the color code corresponds to the different sections of the codebase.

Topics: Code

‘DOM Doodles’ From Actual Interviews at Monetate

Frontend engineer Mike Hand likes to pair-program with applicants, helping them concoct wild “DOM doodles,” in which colorful objects pop in and out of the page, fluttering, pulsing, orbiting, and swiveling. Today we’re publishing two of them — both written by interviewees who made the cut and are now Monetate software engineers.