This post is part of Monetate’s (Work) Week of Wow. Each workday this week (Monday through Friday), our Engineering Blog will present a wow-worthy project by our software engineers.

It’s been almost two decades since the first Magnetic Poetry sets began cluttering up dorm-room fridges, allowing would-be poets and lyricists to hone their craft from the convenience of their kitchenettes.

Yet any longtime aficionado of refrigerator verse has likely run up against a distressing problem:




Not to worry. Monetate front-end developer Elise Wei has created Magnetate, a Javascript bookmarklet that allows you to turn any webpage into your own poetic canvas.

Just drag and drop the bookmarklet into your bookmarks toolbar or bookmarks folder, and then navigate to your favorite site.

(drag this “Magnetate” magnet into your bookmarks toolbar)

When you activate the bookmarklet, all of the words on the page will be transformed into movable magnets.

Elise Wei

You can then use your mouse to rearrange the words, just as you would on your refrigerator.

Magnetate also features:

  • optional parts-of-speech coloring
  • the ability to clear space on the page by scattering the magnets
  • the ability to select and move multiple magnets at once

Planned features for future versions of the project include:

  • the ability to save your poetry as a shareable image file or link
  • the ability to add random poetic words (if the existing page isn’t sufficient inspiring)
  • the ability to toggle between the regular page view and the magnetized view

We’ve had a lot of fun playing with Magnetate here at the office, and we’re thrilled to share it with the world.

Feel free to post your most inspired Magnetate-powered verses in the comments section.