Tom Chandler, a Javascript engineer, is the newest member of the Monetate engineering team.

Tom Chandler

A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, Tom most recently worked at Vanguard, doing Intranet development.

He first heard about Monetate a couple of years ago when he attended a Philly Barcamp event at which several Monetate engineers were giving a talk about the MVC pattern. Soon, he was teaching himself more about Javascript, learning about prototypal inheritance and functional programming, and ended up writing a few fairly large Javascript applications at Vanguard.

In addition to that first exposure to Monetate at Barcamp, he had also heard good things about the company at other Philly conferences and happy-hour events, and decided to take the leap. “It’s definitely a huge change,” he says. “It’s smaller, but it’s also a startup that’s far enough along that it doesn’t seem too risky.”

Outside of work, he likes to read, especially about game design theory.

A few other tidbits

These questions are taken from Get to Know Monetate’s Engineers

First programming language: “TI-BASIC. I wrote a bunch of games and programs to do my homework and tests.”

Favorite programming language: Javascript

Favorite text editor for writing code: Sublime Text

Favorite browser: Chrome

Favorite movie: “The Fifth Element”

Hidden talent: He plays bass.