Mike Brewster is the latest front-end developer to join Monetate’s engineering team. He’ll be working on client campaigns that require custom Javascript work.

Mike got into development because he was interested in learning how to build video games. He learned HTML, CSS, and Javascript at age 12, and he later earned a degree in computer science.

He worked at a few startups in West Chester before moving to Vanguard, based in Valley Forge, where he worked on their front-end team until coming to Monetate.

Mike said that when he visited Monetate for his interview, he was amazed by the company’s culture. “Even the startups I was at before Vanguard didn’t have anything like this — the attitude everyone has, the open atmosphere.”

Outside of work, he enjoys playing with his daughter and playing video games with his wife.

A few other tidbits

These questions are taken from Get to Know Monetate’s Engineers

First programming language: QBASIC

Favorite programming language: Javascript

Favorite text editor for writing code: terminal ? vi : Dreamweaver

Favorite browser: Chrome

Favorite movie: “Tropic Thunder”

Hidden talent: Breakdancing