Earlier this year, Monetate chief Dave Brussin announced during a company meeting that if we were able to meet an engineering hiring target during a recruiting surge, he’d buy a 3D printer for office use.

It turned out to be the perfect incentive.

We hit the target, and he made good on his promise. Earlier this week, a MakerBot Replicator 2 arrived at Monetate headquarters, and I think I heard a choir of nerdy angels singing as it entered the door.

For their Hack Days project, engineers Jeff Patti and Mike Hand decided to experiment with the printer.

They began by printing some of the objects that came pre-loaded with the Replicator, such as a comb, a set of linked chains, and a bracelet.

Then, then printed a few projects downloaded from Thingiverse, such as a Yoda-shaped pencil holder, a junction for a toy train set, a model of Winterfell from “Game of Thrones”, and a hardware enclosure for a Raspberry Pi.

They also experimented with creating custom objects, such as the puzzle piece that serves as Monetate’s logo, using Blender.

Check out the photos below to see the MakerBot in action, as well as some of the objects printed during Hack Days.