Tracy Schuler has joined Monetate’s delivery engineering team as a Javascript developer, helping to create custom actions for client campaigns.

Tracy Schuler

Tracy Schuler

Prior to Monetate, she worked for iPipeline and Computer Software Inc., and also spent several years as a freelance web developer.

She got her feet wet in web development and programming in her teens while volunteering at an Internet access room at the library, and she’s been in the field professionally for about 12 years.

She heard about Monetate last year during a job search but was offered a position elsewhere before she had a chance to interview with us. Once she decided that job wasn’t a good fit, Monetate was the first place she sent her resume.

Outside of work, she enjoys playing video games — she met her husband while playing World of Warcraft — and enjoys sitting around her backyard fire pit. She’s also starting to garden.

A few other tidbits

These questions are taken from Get to Know Monetate’s Engineers

First programming language: QBASIC

Favorite programming language: Javascript

Favorite browser: Chrome

Favorite text editor: Coda

Favorite movie: “The Fifth Element”

Hidden talent: “I can spin yarn, knit, crochet, sew, and generally be very crafty.”