Tim Visher is the latest software developer to join Monetate’s product engineering team. He’ll be working on special projects.

Tim Visher

Tim Visher

Tim previously worked in the public sector and for a healthcare company and comes to us from Relay Networks in Rador, where he was a full-stack developer, using lots of Clojure and Backbone.

In high school, he was introduced to bash scripting and Emacs customization and later took a C++ course. “I wrote a program that made a little ASCII art rocket take off. It did fun things with randomly generated smoke text. That was when I was really like, ‘Man, I can use computers to do this cool stuff!’”

He first heard about Monetate through a recruiter, who initially suggested he apply for a position for which he knew his skills weren’t a good match, so he didn’t pursue it. But he continued to hear about Monetate through various technical user groups. “It just seemed like this magical playland of awesomeness where everybody’s smart and interested, gets their job done, and the lunches are awesome.”

He eventually decided to apply for a position that better matched his skills, and he was impressed by the interview process. “One common criticism of interviews is you get asked a bunch of tech trivia questions, and you go away. They never get to hear about you and how you solve problems,” he says. In contrast, during his interview at Monetate, “I was asked lots of soft skill questions: How would you design this? What do you think about this? I got a very good feel for who I would be working with, and I thought I was able to give them a good feel about who they would be working with.”

Outside of work, he is involved in Christian youth, worship and prayer ministry in the Norristown area and loves playing with his kids and reading. He’s excited to be able to bike into work regularly.

He blogs at TwoNegatives.com and posts wallpaper at http://blog.wallpaperrr.cc.

A few other tidbits

First programming language: Bash or Emacs/Lisp

Favorite programming language: Clojure

Favorite browser: Chrome

Favorite text editor: Emacs

Favorite movie: He can’t decide on a favorite.

Hidden talent: “An uncommon and unjustified desire to smooth away the rough corners of my tools. I spend a lot of unjustifiable time on that.”