Anne Maiale is a Javascript engineer on our Delivery team. She helps create custom campaigns for our clients.

Anne Maiale

Anne Maiale

Before getting into software development, Anne worked for a year in Berlin, teaching English to 12-year-olds, and more recently spent three years working as a data analyst for Sightlines, which provides higher education facilities management.

She discovered GirlDevelopIt Philly and took a number of its classes, which introduced her to a great network of tech enthusiasts in the area. “I had a technological need that a few encouraging programmer friends convinced me to get started on solving myself, and it seemed like a reasonable starter project,” she says. “The project turned out to be more ambitious than I thought, but I was already hooked on programming by then. I love it because of the sense of accomplishment and productivity I get from spending a day creating something, and because it’s like getting to solve puzzles all the time.”

She attended a “Working at a startup” workshop by GDI Philly, and the presenter recommended looking up local venture capitalists to see what startups had recently been funded. While doing that, she discovered Monetate, and its jobs page caught her eye.

Outside of work, she just completed her first half marathon, and she loves to snowboard. She hopes to one day keep bees.

A few other tidbits

These questions are taken from Get to Know Monetate’s Engineers

First programming language: Haskell

Favorite programming language:

Favorite browser: Chrome

Favorite text editor: Sublime Text

Favorite movie: “Apollo 13″

Hidden talent: She’s a killer Foosball player