Kevin Way is the newest addition to our operations engineering team.

Kevin Way

Kevin Way

Kevin started programming at an early age, and “I knew I wanted to work on web applications within moments of using NCSA Mosaic for the first time,” he says.

From 2002 until earlier this year, he worked as the co-founder of Inside Systems, a consultancy that built custom software for the finance sector and quickly growing Internet companies.

Kevin remembers quite clearly the first time he heard about Monetate.

“In 2011, I demonstrated a proof of concept that used client-side Javascript and a server API to personalize website content based on the visitor’s behavior, climate, and geodemographics,” he says. “One of the questions I received in response was, ‘How is this different from Monetate?” I then Googled ‘Monetate.’

“I ran into several Monetators at Philly tech events over the next few years, and I was consistently impressed by their expertise, congeniality, and accomplishments. As such, after I decided to exit my company, Monetate was my first choice.”

Outside of work, Kevin is a voracious reader, a salsa dancer, and a dog lover.

A few other tidbits

These questions are taken from Get to Know Monetate’s Engineers

First programming language: Logo

Favorite programming language: Ruby

Favorite browser: Mosaic

Favorite text editor: vim

Favorite movie: “Blade Runner”

Hidden talent: “I’m a pretty solid poker player.”