Rachel Frederick has joined our Delivery team as a QA engineer. She’ll help make sure the code we write does what it’s supposed to do, and doesn’t do what it’s not supposed to do.

Rachel Frederick

Rachel Frederick

Rachel went to school for music education and after college worked for Rosetta Stone in Harrisonburg, Va. As part of her work there, she was responsible for creating email campaigns to drive usage of the program, which allowed her to start working with HTML.

After that, she worked for a year as a substitute teacher at a high school. “While my background is in music, they had me doing anything from PE (in heels once) to AP Calculus,” she says.

She found out about Monetate through Theresa Monaco, one of our web developers. “She couldn’t stop raving about the company, which certainly intrigued me enough to apply,” she says. “Once I had interviewed, I already had a sense of what she had been talking about. While I was definitely interested in the type of work I’d be doing, I think it was the culture of Monetate that really sold me.”

Outside of work, Rachel likes to read, play and listen to music, sing, dance, write, and paint. She’s played the French horn since age 9 and also plays the ukulele, piano, and didgeridoo. She currently sings with the New Ark Chorale based out of Newark, Del. She’s played rugby in the past and is hoping to find a team sport in the area to join.

A few other tidbits

These questions are taken from Get to Know Monetate’s Engineers

Favorite browser: Chrome

Favorite QA tools: Firebug

Favorite movie: “Amelie” … or “Snakes on a Plane”

Hidden talent: “I can wiggle my eyeballs really fast.”