Monetate Engineering

Monetate's software engineers are passionate about scale and truly usable product. We are pragmatists, open source across our stack, and drive tens of billions of unique experiences each month for our users.

Our team works out of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (just outside Philly).

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We Are Here To Win

Why Monetate Engineering Succeeds. There are many “how-to” methodologies available for successfully completing large-scale software projects. “Agile”, “spiral”, “cleanroom”, “kanban”, etc., all have advantages and disadvantages, and are all used by extraordinarily successful and woefully…

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Increase the performance of your Redshift queries

We’ve been running Amazon Redshift in production at Monetate for almost a year. Over that time we’ve learned a bit about what slows queries down and have built some useful views that allow insight into the key contributors to query performance. What follows is a quick run through of those queries.

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Christie Houser

Meet Christie

Christie Houser is one of two technical writers on Monetate’s engineering team. She helps write internal and external documentation and user guides. After graduating from the University of Connecticut, where she was a hockey goalie,…

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Eric Zrinsky

Meet Eric

Eric Zrinsky is one of two technical writers on Monetate’s engineering team. He writes documentation about our suite of products, such as release notes and user guides. Eric has a background in both programming and…