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Topics: Monetate Engineers
Christie Houser

Meet Christie

Christie Houser is one of two technical writers on Monetate’s engineering team. She helps write internal and external documentation and user guides. After graduating from the University of Connecticut, where she was a hockey goalie,…

Topics: Monetate Engineers
Eric Zrinsky

Meet Eric

Eric Zrinsky is one of two technical writers on Monetate’s engineering team. He writes documentation about our suite of products, such as release notes and user guides. Eric has a background in both programming and…

Topics: Monetate Engineers
Rachel Frederick

Meet Rachel

Rachel Frederick has joined our Delivery team as a QA engineer. She’ll help make sure the code we write does what it’s supposed to do, and doesn’t do what it’s not supposed to do. Rachel…

Topics: Monetate Engineers
Kevin Way

Meet Kevin

Kevin Way is the newest addition to our operations engineering team. Kevin started programming at an early age, and “I knew I wanted to work on web applications within moments of using NCSA Mosaic for…

Topics: Monetate Engineers
Anne Maiale

Meet Anne

Anne Maiale is a Javascript engineer on our Delivery team. She helps create custom campaigns for our clients. Before getting into software development, Anne worked for a year in Berlin, teaching English to 12-year-olds, and…

Topics: Monetate Engineers
Jeff Palladino

Meet Jeff

Jeff Palladino is a Javascript engineer on our Delivery team. He builds custom actions for our clients. In college, Jeff was initially an art major, but he took a C++ course out of curiosity and…

Topics: Monetate Engineers

Meet Andrew

Drexel University is well known for its cooperative education program, in which undergraduate students can alternate full-time coursework with up to three six-month periods of full-time employment with firms in their field, allowing them to…

Topics: Monetate Engineers
Tim Visher

Meet Tim

Tim Visher is the latest software developer to join Monetate’s product engineering team. He’ll be working on special projects. Tim previously worked in the public sector and for a healthcare company and comes to us…

Topics: Monetate Engineers
Tracy Schuler

Meet Tracy

Tracy Schuler has joined Monetate’s delivery engineering team as a Javascript developer, helping to create custom actions for client campaigns. Prior to Monetate, she worked for iPipeline and Computer Software Inc., and also spent several…